For the most memorable dining experience,

review your reservation information.


# 1

To be seated, the entire party must be present. If someone is willing to order for the missing member(s), placements will be saved and the party will be seated.

# 3

Party sizes of over 8 or 10 guests will not maintain proper restaurant flow , if the lounge is available, we accommodates larger parties there before the chef ends.

# 2

If the entire party is not present and ready to be seated within 15 minutes of the reservation time the order of seating guarantee will lapse. The party will be seated as quickly as possible without delaying guests with reservations who have arrived on time.

# 4

Kasai is based on availability and staffing. Please call the restaurant with large party inquiries.

Thank you for reviewing the reservation information.

We look forward to providing you with extraordinary service upon your arrival.

You will receive confirmation of your reseration at the email provided. If your confirmaiton has not been confirmed, please call 250-899-9900